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(1) Centre raises export tax on petrol, diesel and ATF. (2) Nupur Sharma is single-handedly responsible for what is happening in country': SC on Prophet comments. (3) India raises import tax on gold to 12.5% from 7.5%.

A Media Platform that is free from fear and favor

“The Free Media” is a digital news portal providing news that matches the ethics of journalism. A team that is dedicated, loyal, and up to the mark with the latest happenings makes it a platform to trust and rely on. Initiated by Click2Media, TFM has covered 1000+ stories including Political News, COVID-19 alerts, Protests, Interviews, Political and Social Gatherings, and other general National and International News on the website and across major social media platforms.

News & Events

The Free Media broadcasts news and events to keep the audience updated with the latest happenings around the globe. It covers the news that is away from reach to bring attention to events that are important but ignored by others. It is a digital platform that covers news and events and broadcasts it on all social media channels to increase the reach of events to a general audience.

News on Your Fingertips

TFM is one of the top media hubs in Maharashtra that is available on all popular social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube operating in three languages Hindi, English, and Marathi. The constant growth in the social reach proves the dedication of the brand and the devotion of its team toward mass media. Now the news is just one click away.

Connecting People

The Free media initiated towards connecting people with knowledge seekers. Many series and panels have been conducted by the platform to outspread ground-level information on various important topics. The platform has initiated many series like startup series, wildlife series, industrial series, and panels on cancer, marital rapes, etc. to connect real-life warriors with the audience.
Meet Our Team
Excellence is only served by excellent people. The Free Media is proud to announce the excellent team including reporters, digital creators, and mass media influencers working closely and passionately towards the growth of a highly committed media organization.

Prashant Mishra

Director & CEO

Pralay Shirke

Lead UI/UX Designer

Shraddha Nashikkar

Human Resource Executive

Renuka Kinhekar

Repoter (Marathi Content Writer)

Shubham Wanjari

Video & Photo Journalist

Dhanshree Badhe

Video & Photo Journalist

Nisha Hirani

Tech Reporter

Sarang Nimkhedkar

Video Editor

Utkarsh Meshram

Video Editor

Shivam Wagh

Marketing Executive/ Reporter

Rajat Tapase

Social Media

Priyanka Nathani

Content Writer