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After the BH-Series, Gadkari eyes on car horns, plans to replace it with Indian instruments

Nitin Gadkari
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Nagpur: Union minister Nitin Gadkari who introduced the new ‘BH’ Bharat Series vehicle registration a few days back has another interesting idea in his mind.

The union minister is now eyeing the ‘horns’ of the vehicle.

Gadkari introduced a new BH-Series under which the vehicles which get registered under the new series will not have to re-register their vehicle when they move to a new state or union territory.

“This vehicle registration facility under the Bharat series (BH-series) will be available on a voluntary basis to defense personnel, employees of the central government/ state government/ central/ state public sector undertakings and private sector companies/organisations, which have their offices in four or more states/Union territories,” Gadkari said.

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After introducing the new series, Gadkari is planning to introduce some changes to the car horns.

“I live on the 11th floor in Nagpur and do pranayama for an hour every morning.

But the horn disturbs the silence. After facing this trouble, a thought came to my mind that the horns of the vehicles should be in the right manner.

We have started thinking that the sound of car horns should be Indian instruments and we are working on it now,” the minister added.

He further said that horns should be right to hear and a new rule will be introduced soon.



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