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BMW mapped out a car, whose color changes at a flick of a button. They showcased their designed at Consumer Electronic Show 2022 (CES). It uses up the same low-power screen technology that eBook readers utilize. The customized BMW iX flow has an outer wrap made of E Ink’s electronic paper display technology, which uses tiny microcapsules of colored ink that rise or sink to change the appearance of the vehicle.

The changes in the color along with patterns and designs of the vehicle can be carried out by the will of the owner, if he chooses. The elevated BMW iX flow bank only on black and white electronic paper as per a report by Gizmodo.

The coolest part of this technology, is that the vehicle owner can flip the car’s color to white, as to keep the interior cooler during summer season and can turn it back to black during winter season to remain warmer indoors.

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