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Nagpur – The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) announced on Thursday that the first wave of floods has affected over 2.88 lakh people in the Nagaon district, and 147 villages are currently under water.

According to reports, thousands of people in the Raha and Nagaon revenue circles’ Borkola and Dakhinpat areas have become homeless after flood water entered their homes, forcing them to relocate to safer areas.

In terms of numbers and data, the district currently has 9,742.57 hectares of cropland under water.

The current situation in Assam has arisen as a result of the continuous rainfall that has increased the water level of the Kopili river, worsening the state’s situation with increased water levels that have submerged new areas.

The river’s water level has already passed the highest point, inundating new areas of the district. Several roads connecting the Kampur area have also been submerged by the water.

Authorities are running 248 relief camps and distribution centres in 14 districts, where 48,3.4 people, including 6,911 children, have taken refuge.

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