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Nagpur: Well-liked messenger app, WhatsApp, has added a new feature called “Code Verify” on Friday that they added to their web browser, which offers real-time, third-party verification to check that the code running on a user’s WhatsApp Web has not been tampered with. In simple words, Code Verify is a traffic light for the security of their WhatsApp Web account.

Whatsapp has launched Code Verify in collaboration with Cloudflare. As per the statement by the company, “Code Verify is also being open-sourced so that other messaging services can enable people to verify that the code they are being served on the web is the same that everyone else is using.”

The “Code Verify” operating principle

Code Verify will be functional in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge web browsers. Once you install the Code Verify extension, it will be mechanically pinned to your Firefox or Edge browser. Nevertheless, in Google Chrome, users will need to pin it themselves.

While using WhatsApp Web, it will provide you with a hash that needs to be matched with the hash shared by WhatsApp with CloudFlare.

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