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Cyber security collaboration significant in ties with India: Taiwan

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India-Taiwan bilateral relations have been expanding in recent times with collaborations including in the cyber security field. Prof Chin Tsan Wang, Director, Science, and Technology, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India, focused on a win-win situation for both the countries through promotion and cooperation on regional platforms, be it South Asian or Indo-Pacific partnerships.

Participating in a session on ‘Cyber Security and Related Research Applications’ at the ‘Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021′, on its second day, he mentioned that the Government of Taiwan, like that of India, has started various initiatives to revive the economy post-Covid, for which developments in science and technology are essential.

He said, “the world is changing in the AI age, so safe cyber security is necessary”, adding that Taiwan’s interest is in collaborating with India to increase research applications in the field of cyber security.

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Dr Yi-Lang Tsai, Research Fellow and Division Director, National Center for High-Performance Computing, National Applied Research Laboratories, mentioned that their country’s Security Operation Center that primarily carries out research on cyber security and provides related services, and Science Park-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (SP-ISAC) have been established for increased cooperation among Taiwan science parks.

He explained about large-scale threat detection systems like the Hybrid Intrusion Detection System, which uses distributed Honeynet system for sensor deployment and data collection, provides threat intelligence and establishes a malware knowledge base. He added that Taiwan’s high-performance computing platform takes about 90 seconds to be set up, making their security information techniques top notch.



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