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Bugatti, known for its finest and spot on pricey car models is here and now with its brand new EV (electric vehicles) scooters. With many notable concepts and technologies making their debut at CES 2022, Bugatti unveiled their sleek-looking vehicle at CES.

The e-scooter has foldable features along with a magnesium alloy frame that keeps weight down to just 15kg. It holds some refined features of a 36v 10Ah battery, which delivers a range between 32km and 45km. A 700W motor also provides enough energy to climb up to a 15-degree incline.

The e-scooter possesses three drive modes – Economy, city and sport having top speeds of 14km/h, 20km/h and 30km/h respectively.

Some snazzy features include a digital dash that displays speed, mode, battery lights and a monogrammed rear light that projects the ‘Bugatti’ logo.

To enter this arena, Bugatti joined hands with Bytech enterprise to create its electronic two-wheeler scooter. Wiebke stahl, Managing Director at Bugatti International stated, “Partnering with a company such as Bytech gives us an opportunity to expand our reach in the electric mobility space with an experienced partner and a product that can be enjoyed by consumers around the world”.

Some giant companies have also launched their E-bikes such as Porsche and SEAT, as the projected market of micro mobility market is around $195.2 billion by 2030.

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