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Nagpur: In an unusual incident, two monkeys killed nearly 250 dogs in over a month’s time in Maharashtra’s Beed district. The case has been reported of a ‘gang-war.’

The alleged gang war was between a group of monkeys in the area that was reportedly throwing puppies from rooftops and high trees.

Soon after killing the dogs of the area, the monkeys started creating a ruckus in the village area as well. Soon after realizing what the monkeys were up to, the locals alerted the forest department officials.

According to several reports, the monkeys were on a ‘killing-free’ after one of the infant monkeys was killed by the canines. However, there is no confirmation on the incident of dogs attacking an infant monkey or the story regarding the gang war.

The two monkeys involved in the alleged gang-war were captured by the forest department officials with the help of local police. The two monkeys were later released in a forest in Nagpur. Beed forest official said, “2 monkeys involved in the killing of many puppies have been captured by a Nagpur Forest Dept team in Beed, earlier today. Both the monkeys are being shifted to Nagpur to be released in a nearby forest.”

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