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Elderly people create artwork ‘Day and Night’ in Wildemanbuurt

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Amsterdam Nieuw-West, – The elderly made an art project about light and dark in the Wildemanbuurt in collaboration with an artist.

In various workshops, the elderly brought in their ideas and stories from the neighbourhood.

Light and dark spots in the area have been explored and photographed.

From December 13 to January 24, Day and Night can be seen during the day and in the evening. in the shop-window.

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Phenomenon –

In recent weeks, older creative makers, together with artist Madelinde Hageman, immersed themselves in the phenomenon of light & dark.

Light and dark memories have been translated into paintings. And associations with light and dark were depicted using diverse images and materials. 

The artwork forms a mobile and thus a shadow play. Like memories, shadows are fleeting.

The work called Day and Night was made by residents Riki, Tine, Cindy, Huub, André, Rosa, Alem, Floor and Eef in collaboration with Madelinde Hageman and The Beach.

Community –

The Beach is a hub and manufacturing place in the Wildemanbuurt, a cultural organization that designs for the neighborhood with the community.

A place where people can make and meet in the Wildemanbuurt in Amsterdam Nieuw-west. The projects are a collaboration of artists and designers from the area.

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