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Nagpur: An Indian student was reportedly shot and injured in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, Minister of State for Civil Aviation VK Singh said on Friday.

Singh is currently in Poland, helping the Indian students to evacuate from war-hit Ukraine. “I received info today that a student coming from Kyiv got shot and was taken back midway. We’re trying for maximum evacuation in minimum loss,” he said in a statement according to ANI.

He further added that they have sent back 7 flights in the last three days to Indi with around 200 Indian nationals on each flight. “Some students who reached Warsaw & have their relatives & friends there have decided to stay; they’re safe in Poland,” he added.

The student who was shot while trying to escape Ukraine’s capital has been identified as Harjot Singh as per a report by NDTV. Singh claimed that he was hit multiple times and his leg was fractured. “The bullet entered from my shoulder. They took out a bullet from my leg was fractured,” Singh added.

Singh said that he was in a cab with his friends, trying to reach the border when he was shot. He claimed “I contacted the embassy people and asked if they can provide the facility to take me to Lviv. I can’t walk. But all I get is fake comments.”

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