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The Hague,

Nothing can beat the melodious classical music. Full of devotion and inspiration, tuned well with the lyrics based on scriptures, spiritual music has always opened the hearts and minds of listeners.

Maha Shivratri celebrated in the Netherlands on dated 26 th February 2022 via musical concert at Scheveningen, South Holland, Netherlands by eminent singers namely Samsoon Khushi and Madhu Singh.

With such a beautiful essence along with the occasion of Mahashivratri, it just made the program irresistible. The scriptures profoundly describe the importance of music in the life of Lord Shiva, who actually gave birth to various nodes of classical music. We can see the Pellet Drum (Damaru) in one hand of Lord Shiva, depicting his love for eternal music.

The series of devotional bhajans, especially composed with the lyrics full of divine inspirations set into classical and melodious rhythm, just made the program very engrossing and enjoyable. The audience were enlightened with the words of wisdom and attained the supreme peace during the program.

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