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Ministry: Boost to use of FFP2 masks for healthcare

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The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) makes part of the stock of FFP2 masks of the National Consortium for Aids (LCH) available to healthcare at a reduced amount.

Care providers must have sufficient access to FFP2 masks if they want to use these masks according to their professional assessment and/or need for safe work.

With the emergence of the omikron variant and the associated uncertainty, Minister De Jonge has asked employers in the healthcare sector to start a discussion about this, to offer room for more use of FFP2 masks and to make sufficient FFP2 masks available.

FFP2 masks are widely available. In order to give use an extra boost and to lower the threshold for using and making these masks available, the opportunity will be offered at the beginning of January to order FFP2 masks via the LCH at a greatly reduced rate.

Healthcare providers can place orders through the usual procedure from 4 to 18 January 2022 or while supplies last.

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Minister Hugo de Jonge: “All healthcare workers must feel safe when doing their job. The availability of FFP2 masks can contribute to this. That is why we are making it possible to temporarily purchase these masks at a lower price.”

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