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Netherlands – Booster vaccination invitations for care workers.

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Hospitals are already working hard to vaccinate their own care workers.

From 3 December on, general practitioners, their support staff (including triage staff for GP and out-of-hours medical centres) and ambulance crews will be invited for the booster vaccination.

They will receive the invitation from their employer and be vaccinated in hospitals.

Other care workers will receive an invitation through their employers in mid-December.

They can go to the Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs) for their vaccination.
In some institutions that have their own medical service, care workers will receive their booster vaccination at the same time as the residents.

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RIVM is contacting as many relevant sector associations as possible, so they can inform their members and affiliated care organizations about how to invite their care workers.

For employers who are not affiliated with a sector association, more information is available on the RIVM website



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