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The impact of the omikron variant in the Netherlands is decreasing further and further. Last week, RIVM reported 245,898 positive tests. That is 21 percent less than in the previous week. The decrease is less sharp than a week ago, when a 37 percent decrease in positive tests was registered.

Fewer and fewer people are being tested. In the past seven days, more than 370,000 people visited a GGD test street, 28 percent less than a week earlier. The percentage of these people who test positive is still high: 62.6 percent.

The R-number, which indicates how many people are infected by one infected person, has also fallen further. The most recent reproduction number is from February 14 and is estimated to be 0.77. That means 100 people will only infect 77 others. As a result, the virus diminishes in strength.


It is slowly becoming quieter not only in the test streets, but also in the hospitals, according to figures from the National Coordination Center for Patients Distribution (LCPS). Last Tuesday there were 1,626 corona patients in hospital. Today there are 1408.

Occupancy in the IC is also slightly lower than a week ago. There are still 150 patients there (last week: 169). In December, there were still more than 600 corona patients in the ICU.

Reported by NOS

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