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Netherlands – More than 3 million booster shots for the New Year.

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Before the turn of the year, more than 3 million people over 60 and healthcare employees with patient contact are eligible for the booster in the seventh month after the last vaccination or recent corona infection.

At the end of this week, the counter stands at 700,000 shots.

At the end of the month at more than 3 million. From January, everyone can get a booster vaccination in the seventh month after vaccination or infection. It is invited from old to young.

This is what Hugo de Jonge of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) writes to the House of Representatives on Friday. The effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines used in the Netherlands is currently still high. 

In the coming weeks, the GGD will scale up the injection volume with the help of the Ministry of Defense, among others.

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More than 150,000 boosters will be used this week, 350,000 next week and from the week after, the capacity will be 700,000 shots. It will remain that way until March. It is the turn of the over-60s and healthcare workers, in order from oldest to youngest and as far as possible in the 7th month after vaccination or infection.

From January, the group under the age of 60, also from old to young, will be eligible for the booster.
XXL locations.

To increase the injection volume, the GGD is opening 9 XXL locations throughout the country and 9 additional locations on top of the current 70 injection locations.

D XXL locations will be in Amsterdam, Rijswijk, Emmen, Assen, Breda, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Helmond and Leeuwarden.
In less populated areas, smaller locations are opened so that the travel distance to the injection locations is as short as possible. 

Help offer

The RIVM and the GGD are scaling up the booster campaign with various parties, such as students, former nurses and veterinarians. People and organizations that want to help can report to the GGD.

This can be done within a few days via the website


The GGD GHOR maps everything and will match the offer with the regional GGDs where capacity is needed.

Minister De Jonge: “We want to offer everyone who needs it a booster as soon as possible. That is why all the aid offers from people and organizations – in addition to the gigantic upscaling of the GGD – are so good to see. If you want to help, the GGD will look at what is possible.”

Put boosters

In October, 3rd injections were started in people with an immune disorder. Meanwhile 115,000 people from this group have three e got puncture and 6000 scheduled an appointment.

The boost for the over-80s has been in place since November 18, and people aged 80 and older are now being invited.

So far, RIVM has sent 550,000 invitations and 173,000 booster vaccines have been given to people over 80.

Scheduled appointments

More than 270,000 appointments are currently scheduled. The first non-mobile elderly people living at home have also already received a boost from the GGD and the GGD is taking the test at care.

institutions without their own medical service. Hospitals have also ordered massive vaccines for healthcare staff.

It is expected that 700,000 shots have been taken this week, of which 180,000 by the GGD, 300,000 by hospitals for healthcare staff, 180,000 in institutions, over 115,000 for immunocompromised people and 30,000 by the Ministry of Defense. In addition, people aged 18 and older with Down syndrome are invited for the booster from today.



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