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Netherlands- Primary schools closed week before Christmas holidays

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Primary schools and schools for special (primary) education will close the week before the Christmas holidays.

Schools will remain open for emergency care for vulnerable children and children of parents with a crucial profession. Schools are not required to provide distance learning until Christmas.

The cabinet has decided this on the advice of the OMT, now that there are major concerns about the emergence of the omikron variant, which is spreading quickly.

Because the Christmas holidays start directly with Christmas this year, children could unknowingly infect their older relatives, resulting in too much pressure on care.


Minister Slob: “We think it is very important to keep primary schools open as much as possible. That is good for the development of children. But we must carefully weigh up several interests in the cabinet. It was a very difficult choice, but unfortunately we had to decide to close the schools because of the concerns about the omikron variant. I realize that we are once again asking a lot of schools and parents.”

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Limit contact

With this measure, families should spend the week before Christmas together as much as possible and have as little contact with others as possible. It is also advised that children under the age of 12 keep a distance of one and a half meters from people over 70 as much as possible. This way everyone can get through Christmas as safely as possible

Vulnerable students

As with the previous school closures, the schools will remain open for vulnerable children and for children of parents with crucial professions . This also applies to special (primary) education schools and out-of-school care (BSO). The basic principle is that primary schools and after-school care can open again after the Christmas holidays.

Secondary education

Students in secondary (special) education will be able to physically go to school next week. The infection rates among children over the age of twelve are lower than in primary education and many students have been vaccinated.
The extra measures will continue to apply here, such as mouth caps in the hallway and a preventive self-test twice a week

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