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Mrs Hem Vats – MA,MD from Delhi University,India.
Having 24 years of experience in teaching,Worked as a Speaker of All India Radio Delhi, Author of renowned books and Awarded Hindi Sahastrabdhi Award in the year 2000 by Sahastrabdhi Vishwa Hindi Samelan,New Delhi India and Served as the Hindi Professor at Gandhi Center,in the Hague, Netherlands.

The Gandhi Centre is the Cultural wing of the Embassy of India in The Hague. It aims to encourage and promote Indian knowledge and culture within the Netherlands by organizing regular events showcasing various cultural art forms of India such as music, dance and cinema. The centre organizes regular talks on different aspects of India from time to time. The Gandhi Centre provides FREE Yoga, Hindi and Tabla lessons.

Recently, Hem Vats was given farewell at Vishnu School,in The Hague, amid an emotional farewell for her transfer and tributes by students of Vishnu school and colleagues namely Rajesh Ramnewash, Vidjay Jhinkoe, Kavish Partiman,Astrid Bharos, Shirley,Radha Gomti and Shirley Sohanlall.

Wisely said, Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions we are grateful that you chose to be a teacher and we learned under your umbrella of expertise.

She thanked the management committee and the staff for their support during her tenure.

Emotions ran high at Vishnu school as teary-eyed kids pleaded with their teacher, who took a transfer to another institution, in India.
With a heavy heart, the children bid adieu to their beloved tutor.

You are an inspiration to all of us and these years of your dedication to your position will always be in our memories.
Your success is the result of your years of hard work and commitment. We can never forget the achievements you have achieved during your teaching time and also your contribution in creating an educational environment for the students in Vishnu school and Gandhi Center is unforgettable.

You have established a different and wonderful identity in the Gandhi Center only on the basis of your hard work and dedication. Your disciplined and committed actions always made you different from others.
We can also call you a professional teacher, coach, and an efficient administrator with the qualities of a good conversationalist.

We all pray to God that your coming life be healthy, happy and prosperous. All of your students say thank you wholeheartedly.

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