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NWO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are looking for 10 Embassy Science Fellows.

This is a superb opportunity for researchers, in a short period (1 to 3 months), to go abroad and contribute to a scientific and/or social issue from the Dutch Embassy or Consulate.

The first ten Embassy Science Fellowships will start in the course of 2022 in Pretoria, Nairobi, São Paulo, Jakarta, New Delhi, Seoul, Tokyo, Istanbul, Moscow and Paris.

Each year, NWO invests almost 1 billion euros in curiosity-driven research, research related to societal challenges and research infrastructure.

NWO’s core task is performed in the NWO domains, research institutes and regional bodies: encouraging quality and innovation in the sciences. 

NWO gives its employees the space to optimally use and develop their talent, where trust, pride and pleasant cooperation are a priority. 

For the Embassy Science Fellows program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NWO are looking for 10 scientists who want to use their scientific expertise and networks for a period of 1 to 3 months at an embassy (or consulate) in Brazil, France, Indonesia, India, Japan , Kenya, Russia, Turkey, South Africa and South Korea.

ESF-NL offers embassies and consulates access to expertise in science and technology. Researchers from universities and other Dutch knowledge institutions can contribute to activities that strengthen scientific and diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and the host country.

The Embassy Science Fellows can, for example, be used for meetings with foreign scientists, for giving advice or for carrying out studies or technical reports.

Scientists can subscribe to the profiles and submit a proposal to one of the 10 selected posts for the 2022 pilot. The selected Fellows will be stationed on site for between 1 and 3 months. The embassy or consulate will help you find accommodation and a place to work.

Information guide Embassy Science Fellows NL is available on below link

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