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A striking view that caught the eyes of the media during the coverage of Beijing Winter Olympics was a robot bartender. A robot will serve and mix cocktails for all the guests, while guests will scan their code on their phone to order.

The set-up was installed amid covid spread to lessen the risk being spread across the nation. Along with a robotic bartender, a restaurant catering for athletes will also be operated by the machines as per the reports.

As per the viral video, the robot is shown filling a cocktail shaker from one of the overhead bottles, adding ice, while mixing all the contents.

Quite few numbers of staff will be present to supervise the humanoid bartenders. Meantime, the restaurant will be open for the folks working at the Olympics. The meal to be served such as burgers and rice will be specifically prepared by automated machines.

A “closed-loop” system will be practiced, in this system, athletes, media personnel and Olympics staff will be isolated from the general population. Staff and participants are obliged to provide covid test results and vaccination certificates before boarding any flights bound for the games. The test will be conducted again upon arrival at the airport and third time before entering the closed loop, according to the International Olympic Committee.

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