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AMSTERDAM – The storm Eunice passed over the Netherlands on Friday and in the night of Saturday, Eunice was the heaviest storm in four years. Wind force 10 was measured for hours, temporarily wind force 11 was measured in a few places. The very strong gusts of wind caused major damage and nuisance in almost the entire country. The storm caused extensive storm damage. There were 242 reports of damage in Rotterdam. Amsterdam came in second with 180 reports.

Apeldoorn counted 119 reports, The Hague 94, Arnhem 82, Nijmegen 72 and Ede 68.


The storm peaked between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, the emergency number 112 was overloaded due to the many storm damage reports, because the emergency number became overloaded, an NL-Alert was sent.

The emergency services have been extremely busy to deal with all the reports. According to figures from the news and information website Drimble, on an average day for the fire brigade alone, about 500 reports are received at the 112 emergency number. During Eunice, there were no fewer than 4,000 to 4,250 reports.

Fire brigade

For the fire brigade, this is the most number of reports in one day in more than 5 years. Almost every report to the fire brigade was about storm damage. Most reports were seen in the provinces of North Holland, South Holland and Gelderland. The number of reports for the Ambulance Service were comparable to a normal day, according to Drimble. The raging crowds at the fire brigade can be clearly seen on the map on Drimble.

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