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First patient diagnosed with climate change in Canada

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Nagpur: A Canadian woman in her 70s with breathing trouble could be the first patient ever to be diagnosed as suffering from ‘climate change.’ The doctor in Canada’s British Columbia province blamed her health condition on the deadly heatwaves earlier this year.

According to a report, Dr Kyle Merritt, who works at Kootenay Lake Hospital told about the aggravated toll of patients who are battling multiple problems at once due to the heat waves. The head of the emergency department of the hospital told local media that all of her health problems seem to have worsened and the patient is struggling to stay hydrated. He further said, “People were running out to the dollar store to buy spray bottles.”

Meritt said that the hospital has been witnessing numerous cases where the record heat wave exacerbated existing health issues such as diabetes, heart failure etc. Earlier this year, Canada witnessed one of the worst heat waves ever which caused almost 500 deaths, as per reports.

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