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Netherlands: First local ice day of this year’s winter

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Temperatures dropped to minus 7C in some parts of the Netherlands overnight on the coldest night of the winter so far.

In the northeast of the country, today came to the first local ice day of the winter season with maximums below freezing at some measuring points.

The first regional ice day of this winter is therefore slightly later than usual, because normally it is already that time in the first half of December.

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At the weather stations Heino (Overijssel), Marknesse (Noordoostpolder), Hoogeveen (Drenthe), Eelde (Drenthe), Leeuwarden (Friesland) and Nieuw Beerta (Groningen) the maximum temperature was below freezing today.

The lowest value of -0.8 degrees was recorded in Eelde. Until the first official ice day in De Bilt, the maximum temperature was just 0.0 degrees.

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