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Netherlands – More vaccination sites to offer booster shots without appointments next week

Coronavirus Booster Vaccine
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Starting next week, people can go to more places in the Netherlands to get a Covid-19 booster shot without an appointment. Health service GGD will announce the locations later.

“The vaccination capacity and the injection speed have recently increased so quickly at almost all locations that places are now becoming available,” reported umbrella organization GGD GHOR Nederland.

In Leeuwarden, Drachten, and Venray, people can already walk in without an appointment and leave the building boosted. Several thousand people have already used this opportunity.

This will also be possible in Maastricht from Saturday. If you come to the free walk-in and already had an appointment elsewhere, you must cancel it. When getting the booster shot, you can say you already had an appointment, and the GGD will remove it from the systems.

About 1.5 million people received a booster shot last week. This week that may rise to about 1.7 million. That could be an absolute record for the Netherlands. It is unknown how many shots the GGDs could administer if the capacity were fully used.
Report by NL times.

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