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Netherlands – Start invitation booster for people with Down syndrome and non-mobile people living at home.

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People with Down syndrome who live at home will receive an invitation for the booster vaccination from 3 December 2021 spread over a few weeks via their GP.

The letter contains a separate telephone number to make an appointment at a GGD vaccination location.

People with Down syndrome who live in a healthcare institution have been offered a booster vaccination in the healthcare institution since 24 November.

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Advice from the Health Council shows that, despite vaccination, adults with Down syndrome have a greatly increased risk of serious illness from COVID-19.

This risk is comparable to the risk for people aged 60 and older. That is why they are offered a booster vaccination at an accelerated rate.

People who are not mobile, for psychological or physical reasons, will receive a message from their GP from 1 December.

After approval, they will be registered with the GGD by their GP.
The GGD then makes an appointment to give the booster vaccination at home.

This also applies to people with Down syndrome who are unable to come to the vaccination site.


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