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No such evidence that Omicron is severe as compared to other variants: Singapore

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Nagpur: According to a news report citing Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH), there is no evidence to suggest that symptoms associated with the newly-discovered Omicron variant are different or more severe than the existing variants.

The report also states that there is no evidence that current vaccines and therapeutics would be ineffective against the new variant. Two cases have been detected in Singapore after the travelers came into the country from Malaysia and Australia. The ministry of health further said more data and study will be needed on the Omicron variant.

The health ministry stated, “Should the Omicron variant be more transmissible than Delta and become the globally dominant variant over time, it is a matter of time before it establishes itself in Singapore.” It further added that additional measures will help to buy time to learn more about dealing with Omicron.

Countries across the globe have reported several cases of the Omicron variant. Recently, two cases were detected in Karnataka, India. It is said that the travelers had a travel history and had quarantined themselves when they arrived in India.

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The United Kingdom has so far confirmed 22 cases of the Omicron variant with links to travel from South Africa. Australia, too, confirms seven cases of the newly-discovered variant. The Netherlands went under high-alert after 16 cases were recorded in the region.



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