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Pooja Ika Becomes First Woman at 24 to Launch a New Medicare Advantage Health Plan in the United States

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The first new health plan to be approved in Massachusetts since 2013, has officially announced its launch of the company, delivering high-quality and affordable Medicare Advantage plans.

BOSTON—2019 Babson College graduate Pooja Ika has made history by becoming the first woman to launch a new Medicare Advantage Health Plan in the United States, delivering a high-quality and affordable health plan for seniors.

Headquartered in Boston’s Back Bay, eternalHealth was founded by Ms. Ika, who serves as its CEO. Since then, eternalHealth has already grown to a team of 20 and has raised a seed round of $10 million from successful healthcare and tech entrepreneurs.

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eternalHealth is a woman-owned, women-run, and women-built company.

“At eternalHealth, we tell our members that we want to be their forever partner in healthcare. We are committed to being a new kind of plan that does things the right way and by focusing on establishing real, sustainable relationships with our members, we hope to offer the quality care that they need. Not only will eternalHealth prioritize our members’ care, but we are committing to put their care at the forefront of every decision that we make.” Pooja Ika – CEO & Chairwoman .

“For the first time ever, a health plan has been launched in the U.S. by a woman at 24 and not only that, but by a woman of color.
As a local health plan, eternalHealth provides high-quality care with low out-of-pocket costs to the residents of Massachusetts, while prioritizing the specific needs of the people in the state. eternalHealth is a Medicare Advantage health plan that offers HMO and PPO products in Worcester, Middlesex, and Suffolk counties of the state.

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