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WhatsApp to soon bring out a second verification which will allow users to authenticate their account twice. The authentication will be important for those who accidentally share their first 6-digit verification code with an unauthorized person’s WhatsApp login. The feature is expected to roll out for both iOS and Android in the beta version.

WhatsApp will ask for an additional verification code which will be sent other than the traditional SMS, to your WhatsApp account in the device that is already in use. This way the user can avoid risk of accidental credential sharing and can keep the accounts secure.

According to an image shared by WEBetaInfo, the popup on the screen will read, “The number +** is already being used for WhatsApp on another phone. To help make sure that your account is in your control, you must confirm another verification code. For extra security, you must wait for the timer to finish before you can send the code. When you receive the code, enter it here.”

The personal data including chats and pictures. Lt also allows unauthorized persons to retrieve backed-up data of the user.

Another agenda of this popup will be to notify users in case of someone trying to hack their account. This will motivate users to not share the second, 6-digit verification code (OTP) with anyone and get alert with chances of fraudulent.

This instant-messaging platform seems to bring many other features this year that are still in beta version. The other feature that is expected this year includes the ability for admins to delete group messages, and undo the delete button after deleting a certain message.

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