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Theaters, cinemas and concert halls can partially open again from Wednesday 26 January until 10 p.m.

However, a number of restrictive measures apply here, such as showing a corona ticket, 1.5 meters away and a mouth cap when walking. Museums and monuments can also open again and in addition to showing the corona admission ticket and wearing a mouth cap, a maximum of 1 visitor per 5 square meters.

Inside, a maximum occupancy of 1/3 of the regular room capacity applies, with a maximum of 1250 people per room.
Everyone must have a permanent seat, except in transfer locations.

Outside, 1/3 of the regular capacity with a fixed seat at 1.5 meters applies.

State Secretary Gunay Uslu (Culture and Media): “It’s a start, the cultural sector is getting more space.

Tomorrow everyone can go to museums, theaters and cinemas again. But we’re not there yet. There is still a lot to do on the road to recovery of the sector.”

Long term perspective

It is important to look at the long term. The Taskforce Cultural and Creative Sector itself has presented a roadmap. This will be involved in developing a long-term perspective for the cultural and creative industry and the event industry.

Due to the capacity limitations, the cabinet is looking at how it can financially support the cultural and creative sector. The supplement scheme at the Performing Arts Fund will also be examined in this regard.

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